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Precautions for the selection and use of stone protective agent

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Precautions for the selection and use of stone protective agent

Fully understand and master the protective mechanism of stone, the performance and type of protective agent is the basis of scientific selection and use of protective agent, usually follow the following points:


I. Pay attention to the brand of the product

Avoid using some inferior products. Do not judge the quality of the protective agent based on the boiling effect of the stone surface that has been coated with the protective agent. Be sure to find out the main active ingredients of the protective agent, because some protective agents look very good on the surface of the waterproof effect. , But the inherent quality and protection life are very poor.

II. When using wet paving stone, the stone must be pretreated with a solvent-based protective product with good water resistance, alkali resistance and permeability.

III. The amount of protective agent applied must be appropriate. The amount of stone protective agent is controlled by the number of brushing passes.

IV. After the protective agent is applied to the stone, a curing process is required. It is a time to take effect. At room temperature, 3-7 days is more appropriate. During this period, avoid sun exposure and rain.

V. Be sure to read the product instructions before using the protective agent. It is also necessary to do some sample performance tests or paving tests in advance.